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About Me

Hello I'm Liënne ten Kate!

All my life I have been having a deep desire to bring my inner world to life. I desired to bring light and joy to the planet through my creative expression. It felt like my mission!
The world around me didn't match what I felt in my heart, so I felt called create it myself. Including the life style of my dreams.

Through the years I have developed various ways and skills to create this reality, all of them are complementing and helping me in their own way.

Drawings, comics

I started creating visual art, which has always been one of my passions. I saw how I could just draw what was inside my head. I saw it was important to become really good at it, so I could bring to live what's inside me.
I also loved creating stories. Together with pictures, it was logical to me to start out with comics. I created a comics series about a little mouse and many other characters where I put all my love in, they even felt like coming to life to me.
Later, when I used digital art, I was able to create a couple of comics called "Little Planets" to publish and go to comic conventions.


I didn't grow up with internet and social media, like we are used nowadays. When I discovered it is possible to create art on PC, I was sold! I LOVED animation, as it is an even bigger way to make my inner reality come to life! It was my dream to create an animated movie. Back then I was only able to use a computer mouse, so I had to use a vector based program. Flash, an animation program brought a lot of joy to me and I discovered the magic of animation.
After high school I studied art and animation for 3 years, although most of it was self-study.

Digital Art
When I started to explore the web, I was looking for a way to share my art with many other people. I discovered "Oekaki": an online drawing tool with a community build around it. This was a big part of my life for 9 years. I learned a lot about digital art and most of these years I've spend being the co-owner of one of those communities. In there I explored many ways to have fun with people in creating art, like collaborations and contests. I was even playing with an alter ego there, with a fake account of a puppet. Later on, deviantart brought me even more connections and inspiration where I experienced sharing my art and animations all over the world.

 Later in life I started to get my 'spiritual awakening'. Awakening transforms your life in a very big way, as you'll discover the truth about being a soul in a body, becoming your true self and knowing there is an ending to all the pain an sufferering, as there is only Love.
After working with a spiritual teacher, I found my Gurus Jeff and Shaleia, to help with ascension and live my life with my Twin Flame.
But unlike many spiritual paths, it's very grounded and focused on creating heaven on earth.
I discovered I have a Twin Flame, whom I'm always connected with in my heart where we would be like 'two wings on one bird'. I thought it was so beautiful. My dream is to come be in permanent Harmonious Union (living life as one) and create together. I also joined their live classes and experienced and learned to create on a spiritual level and how to create your entire reality. Being able to know how to create your
entire reality is extremely powerful!

 My art also started to get to a deeper level, as I learned how it is a mirror of my inner world, like traumas or false beliefs still being there. I learned how I can heal those, and create from a better place, so I can really express my true self through my work.
I am currently also volunteer of the Church of Union (created by Jeff and Shaleia), where I'm exploring and expressing my creativity.

As you can see, my exploration of art has grown in deeper and deeper ways and I will continue to do so!


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